After the What-If project a new project was born, called Choochaa. I believe we have a child in us that we sometimes block, (like a writer’s block). Have you ever seen Children play? they are a free spirit and very creative, the character of Choochaa was created with that same free spirit and creativity, something a child would be delighted to relate to. I wanted to make this project for every age. Humor is good for breaking the ice and makes thing more acceptable opening the mind to see things from different angles. This is the reason why the characters in this book and other merchandise products were not painted in realistic style, instead they were drawn in comic style.

Part of this project was series of four books called “Choochaa and the Clothes Monster” this book has become very popular and has even been commissioned by my clients who distributed it amongst under privileged children of third world countries. The idea was to introduce western values to these children, things like making up their bedrooms every morning, being neat and tidy, doing home work on time, education and being creative. Besides the fun part the book also helps the children learn different languages by practicing grammer, we have the Choochaa books translated so far in Dutch and English languages.