What If

“ What – If. is an Art project that I did in 2015 in Grotekerkplein (square) located in Rotterdam city, the exact spot of the project was chosen to be one of the corners of a triangle between Sint-Laurenskerk (Church) and a famous philosopher and Humanist Erasmus. Every aspect of this project including the location was symbolic and researched thoroughly.

A coffin with me laying in it was buried in a block of Plaster facing the statue of Erasmus and the Church for approximately three hours before it was broken up to let me out.

The philosophy behind this interactive project was to let the audience see things through their personal life experiences, certain people spend their lives thinking what if they made this choice or that choice but they seldom act on it, they would rather judge others, most famous artists in history were judged in this manner but they went down in history for expressing their creativity. Life and destiny were part of this project,

Why did I do this Project the way I did it? Honestly it is very difficult for an Artist to express a spiritual project like this but everyone present at the project looked at it from their own perspective and took back a message as according to their own life experiences. My philosophy was that one of the things people will realize that when you want to do something in life, do it, don’t let people judge you and don’t let your past pull you down like the Bermuda triangle, it is never too late to start again or atleast try.